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6 Peloton® Bike Accessories to Enhance Your Workout

April 17, 2020 5 min read

There’s no doubt that Peloton bikes offer an incredible workout. With the vast amount of settings and classes available, you have everything you need to have an amazing fitness experience at home. But even with great things, there is always room for improvement. Any type of experience can be enhanced with the right tools, and the Peloton bike is no exception.

We believe in achieving the highest quality-of-life possible during our Peloton workouts. There are many ways to do this, from components you can add to the actual bike, to the clothing that you’re wearing. Want to elevate your home workouts to the next level and experience a higher level of comfort and efficiency? Consider adding these accessories to your Peloton workout:

A Padded Seat Cover

As long as we have to sit on those dinky seats that come with bicycles, there will always be people hard at work trying to engineer a more comfortable solution. While the Peloton bike is undoubtedly very high-quality, you might consider a padded seat cover if you’re not thrilled with the default seat it comes with.

A padded seat cover can help to make your ride much more comfortable, without compromising the intensity of the workout. While most seat covers are designed for bikes, the seat design of the Peloton is functionally similar, so you’ll be able to use normal bike covers or replacement seats with your workout bike. This not only helps to make the workout much more comfortable, but it can also reduce soreness the next day!

Padded Shorts or Leggings

The quality of a workout doesn’t just come down to the equipment you’re using — your clothing can also have a significant effect on your experience. Wear the wrong thing, and you’ll be sweating up a storm and regretting every minute of it. On the other hand, the right fitness clothing can elevate your experience by a longshot.

This is especially true in a Peloton workout. There’s a lot of friction that happens when you ride a bike for extended periods of time. A lot of riders, especially newer ones, find themselves with bruises or rashes after a long cycling workout. Padded shorts are also designed to accommodate physical activity, so they will do a better job at keeping you cool while giving you lots of freedom of movement.

A Fitness Mat

Do you find yourself sweating copiously during your Peloton workouts? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If anything, that means that you’re doing it just right. Indeed, cycling workouts can create untold amounts of perspiration, and do you really want that dripping all over your floor? Yeah, we’re good. That’s why we recommend a high-quality fitness mat to put underneath your bike.

Your decision may vary based on factors such as the type of floor you have, your taste in color, size, and so on, but the important thing is this — look for a mat that has good grip and is easy to clean. The last thing you need during a Peloton workout is for your bike to start shifting around on the floor, and you probably don’t want to bust your butt cleaning a mat that’s drenched in your sweat.

A Good Fan

Speaking of sweat, you’ll have a lot more of it on a Peloton than you would with a regular bike. That’s because on a real bike ride, there’s constantly air rushing past you, creating a windy effect that helps you to feel cool. But Pelotons, being completely stationary, don’t afford such a luxury, so you’ll get real hot real fast.

Why not install a high-quality fan in your room so that you can simulate the outdoor effect of riding on a real bike?

There are many options for fans out there, and it will likely depend on what your layout looks like. If you have a countertop or a surface nearby, a good tabletop fan would do just fine. Otherwise, you might go for a standing fan. If you really want to keep the room cool, try a tower fan!

Bluetooth Headphones or Speaker

If you’re doing a Peloton workout, you’re going to want to stimulate yourself somehow. While a real bike ride offers constant visual stimulus in the form of ever-changing surroundings, you won’t exactly get the same experience at home. You’ll most likely be using a screen of some sort, whether you’re participating in a class straight from the Peloton itself, or using your phone (more on that in a moment). In any case, you’ll get the most out of your experience if you’re using bluetooth headphones or a speaker.

The speaker on the Peloton’s screen is serviceable, but you might prefer louder volumes, not to mention the fact that you might have all your music stored elsewhere. Wired headphones are a pain during workouts because of their tendency to get tangled up in your movements. Instead, find yourself a nice pair of bluetooth headphones! You can buy simple earbuds with great sound quality for as little as $20, or you could spend hundreds on a premium noise-cancelling headset. The choice is yours, but ultimately, we can bet that you’ll be enjoying your workouts a lot more when the sound is up to par.

A Peloton® Phone Holder

While we can all appreciate what the Peloton® includes in its software, there’s simply no way it can beat your phone. The Peloton is useful if you want to use its guided workouts, but after a while, you’ll probably crave what your phone has to offer. Once you’ve settled into your workouts and you know exactly what you need to do, watching a good show or listening to your favorite music can really help the time to fly. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any good phone holders made specifically for the Peloton bike — until now.

PeloHolder is a

Peloton® phone holder that attaches to the center of your handlebars. It provides a sturdy, flat surface onto which you can place your phone. No more using the water bottle holder or dealing with a constantly-loosening mount! We went through countless iterations before we settled on the perfect design for PeloHolder, and we can confidently say that it’s the best option on the market for Peloton holders. With no screws, no tape, and an installation that takes only seconds, you’ll love having this on your bike. Want to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite shows, or communicate with your favorite people while you work out? PeloHolder is a must-have. Order yours today!